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Guide to The Family Feast Homeschool Programs

We have a Time Line and Nature Book of Firsts available for all ages.

Ages 2 -5 yr old

Aged 6 – 8 yr old

Ages 10 – 18yr old

Family Feast Program Details

Dandelion Days Reading Program

One of our most exciting products is our Dandelion Days Reading Program that can be used as a full curriculum or as a fun home, reinforcement program for school children. As lessons are only 15 min a day.

Dandelion Days Pre-1

Dandelion Days Reading Program Level 1….Packs 1 – 3

Level 1 Pack 1 Level 1 Pack 2 Level 1 Pack 3

See how to conduct a Reading Lesson below

Family Feast Preschool Program

Family Feast Program 1 – Exploring My World

Flip through Exploring our world.

Wooden Box Hands On Resources

Book of First Nature Study and Timeline

Family Feast Recommendations

for higher grades