Over the years Family Feast has gathered resources that we have found invaluable to a homeschool journey. This page is dedicated to sharing these with you.

Please note, that over time we have become affiliates for some of the products mentioned below, which looks like us being compensated if you make a purchase from clicking through on some of the links below.

We do also suggest that you order through the links below (or contact us) to ensure you ordering the digital version for South Africa.

Full Planners

These programs / planners cover most topics / subjects you need to homeschool your family.

white ceramic pencil organizer on top of stack of books

All Geography (and History)

These programs use geography as a spine to learn more about history, science, people and places. They can be used as just a geography program or a springboard into most of your learning areas.


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Nature Study

Find great resources to begin your adventures into nature

yellow and brown leaves on white ceramic tiles


Here are a Number of math resources, catering for all ages, free and for sale.

Math, Blackboard, Education, Classroom

Art and Artist Study

Here are some amazing drawing, painting, chalk pastel – and more lessons

Flower, Abstract, Painting, Floral

Foreign Languages

  • Afrikaans (coming soon)
  • French (coming soon)
  • Latin (coming soon)

English Language

girl sitting while reading book
Read, Book, Girl, Study, Learn, Sofa