About Us

We are a family of 9 – yup Dad, Mom and 7 little people. Well not so little any more…. this journey through the years has blessed us with an adult child in her 20s, 2 teens, 2 almost teens and 2 no longer so little people.

Starting out on this home school journey 17 years ago never did I imagine how it would shape not only the face of our schooling but the face of our entire existence. In 2004 I was introduced to the most inspirational, educated and wise women I could ever hope to meet. Although she had in fact passed away many years before I was born, it is her that has influenced our parenting, schooling and family more than any other person.

Her name is Charlotte Mason and she was given, by God, the most amazing insight and wisdom regarding raising little people. Her philosophy towards education not only shaped and saved thousands of children from being left to the dull drudgery of reciting lessons but her method draws their souls towards Jesus and desiring to become all he created each person to be. She opens ones eyes to the beauty and wonder all around us – in nature, arts, music , literature. Building habit upon habit, idea upon idea not only the children – but us big people too – grow and are strengthened daily in our mind, body and soul.

The past 16 years have seen us unravel the beauty of her philosophy and been privileged to see the beauty of this living education unfold in each of our children as they have grown into all they were created to be.

This has however not only filtrated into our education of our children but it has seeped into every sphere including our parenting, choice of books we read, how we spend our time and how we look after ourselves – mind, body and soul.

It is my hope that this website will be a platform upon which we are able to share with you all that we’ve learned and created over the years as well as link through to amazing resources, products and books that we have found invaluable over the years. Please be in touch and share your journey with us too.