Pre-School Program

Charlotte Mason speaks about the first years simply being full of play and natural exploration of letters (and numbers).

As a remedial teacher parents kept approaching me to help them teach their children to read but again and again I saw that children had many pre-reading and pre-numeracy skills that were not yet solidified and they were trying to gain these whilst learning to read. This resulted in not only frustration and a hate for reading being birthed but also large sums of money being paid for extra lessons and therapies. I do however see how fundamentally important the first 6 years of play, gentle learning through unstructured days that were filled with outdoor time, reading books, and real life, play based learning were to a child’s development. This lead me to writing a pre-school manual and program on early childhood reading and maths skill introduction. The program being rooted in a love for good story books, a mom juggling real life, often chasing a toddler and juggling a baby while trying to educate their pre-schooler. This program worked so well for our own family as it allowed us to all learn together. It included all the children and I could model it around our daily life’s ebb and flow. Suddenly through reading stories, play and daily life we could bring in all the academic, gross and fine motor skills, social skills, emotional readiness our children need to prepare them for beginning to read and dive into numeracy.

Pre-school Program

Family Feast Pre-Reading is a 1 stop, get it all mix – as it covers every area of learning that a child under 6 needs to be exposed to.

This program uses daily and life ideas to teach these pre-reading and maths skills incidentally as well as using readers that you read to your child. From the Early Days Introduction Manual there are many fun games, activities and life tasks, such as sorting the washing, that will fully prepare and equip your child to read. While Growing Early Skills Through Story Books will guide you through using literature as your key to learning all the preschool skills your child would need in a natural, gentle way. If you don’t own or can’t purchase the books, most are available in your public library and some are read aloud on YouTube.

This comprehensive preschool pack consists of 5 books that can be sent to you as ring bound books or as PDFs.

Book 1 Pre-school Guide – explains the program 

Book 2Early Day Introduction Manual – This is a comprehensive guide that walks parents through the preschool years providing loads of insights and ideas on how to introduce your child to letters, numbers and all their pre-reading skills they need to ensure they are fully equipped when it comes to learning to read.

Book 3Growing Early Skills Through Story Books. This is a full pre-school program that guides you through using story books that you can purchase or borrow from your library as your base for teaching all the pre-reading skills your child needs for once they are ready to read.

Book 4Letter introduction & Numeracy Skills using literature to introduce your child to their letters and numbers.

Book 5 Parent Day Planning – provides a scaffolding for you to plan your days around your family’s rhythm, lifestyle and child. Whilst helping keep you focused and on track.

You can download more information and sample pages for the Pre-School program at these links.

If you don’t have letters or numbers we do also suggest you purchase these awesome wooden letters OR these sandpaper letters. This wooden maths box kit is also really enjoyed by preschool children.

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