An Africa Adventure

Have you ever wanted to use literature and fun activities to explore Africa?

Grab your Free Adventure through Tunisia below:

Family Feast has created an All in one experience that will use books, stories, youtube and other digital resources, art, poetry, crafts and meals to weave your family through these marvelous countries – about which so few of us know.

This program is based upon Charlotte Mason’s method of living books, people and things. Each child engages with the topic on a level relevant to them and then narrates what they have learned. (Younger ones having mom write for them while they orally narrate.)

This began as a program for 8 -10 year olds but as my 13 and 14 olds have decided they want to join in too we have discovered that this program works perfectly for all ages.

We have provided you with a parent guide that covers:

  • Geography
  • History
  • Science
  • Handcraft
  • Art
  • Music
  • Cooking
  • Artist study
  • Poetry
  • Nature Study

If you’d like to extend this program to suit your Spelling and Copy work needs download our free book on Charlotte Mason teaching spelling and reading. You can then use selected sentences from the story books in the program to create you own copy work and spelling lessons. Alternatively you can purchase a reading and spelling program from Family Feast.

All you would then need to add in is a Maths program – which you may like to research and find what is best for your family or simply download free maths program from MEP or Free Math Program.

Charlotte Mason encourages our children’s first science lessons to be linked to nature study. With this in mind Africa Adventure provides ample opportunity for science to be learned through the nature study lessons provided – from animals to plants to rocks. Many of the books also lean into science as they look at topics such as water, wind, solar power and such.

Exploring Africa has been divided into 5 units. Each unit has about 6 countries / groups of countries if they are similar. One Unit is designed to be used over a term / or between 8 – 12 weeks. However this can be extended or shortened to suit your needs.

Join our Africa Adventure Facebook group to see more of what this program has instore for your family.

Get a glimpse inside An Africa Adventure with this short YouTube clip – Enjoy!

North Africa

  • Sahara Desert – an extra unit to introduce desert life
  • Morocco – focus Moroccan life and solar energy
  • Algeria – life in Algeria
  • Libya – life in Libya
  • Tunisia – life in Tunisia (Download a free samples of North Africa –Parent guide and Children’s resource book on here)
  • Egypt – life in Egypt and history of Egypt
  • Sudan – lost boys / search for water
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Cost of the North Africa unit is just R350 for a full term of learning. Which is only R35 per week to homeschool your whole family!

IMPORTANT: If you do not email or whatsapp us on 0810433507 proof of payment we do not know who you are to send you the unit so please contact us once you have made payment.

West Africa

Will be available in March

East Africa

Will be available in June

Central Africa

Will be available in Sept

Southern Africa

Will be available in Dec