Family Feast Program 1

Enjoy all the wonderful fullness of a Charlotte Mason Education which beautifully entwines her philosophy with our South African landscape, heritage and culture whilst still celebrating the diversity of the rest of the world

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Dandelion Days Reading Program

Learning to read is one of the most wonderful experiences any person embarks upon. For us to walk this journey with our children is such a privilege. We do however sometimes need someone to walk this road with us - especially when our children don't follow the crowd. The resources found here are based on Charlotte Mason's method of teaching reading. What an adventure awaits you - Dive in and enjoy the ride

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Family Feast Pre-School "Fun Days" Program

Family Feasts Dandelion Days Pre-School program is a gentle feast that brings story books, play and life together, in a harmonious way, that sees your 2 to 6yr old child developing all their preschool skills in a gentle natural way.

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