Dandelion Days Reading

Be encouraged – Mom -you too, can teach your child to read in a calm, gentle, natural way.

Learning to read is one of the greatest adventures we embark upon and yet for so many children it becomes traumatic and simply horrible. This can stem from them not being emotionally ready, not having the necessary pre-reading skills in place, not yet having developed the habit of attention and observation as well as many other factors. Having studied and taught as a remedial teacher and then homeschooling my own 7 children I have been fascinated at this process of grasping literacy. Added to this is my own journey of never having been able to spell until I taught my own children at the age of 35 – everything suddenly fell into place. The beauty of this was that I could really understand what had been missing and why it had been such a struggle and I am then fully able to explain to parents exactly what their child is experiencing when they struggle.

Being an educationist and passionate about literacy I was always fascinated to see how Charlotte Mason’s method of teaching reading would work out if it was used instead of newer methods. With my older children I pulled it in when I could amoungst other programs. With the younger 2 I have written a full reading program based on her philosophy and am using only this to teach them to read. It has been a fascinating journey and one that we are all really enjoying . They love every reading lesson and daily come ready to learn their new words. It has been slower and yet I am seeing layer upon layer laid and a solid foundation being built – one that they have truly understood, internalised and now own. Above all I am seeing their learning to read bloom as naturally as they learned to walk and speak. It’s just a part of their quiet growing years. It has been such a beautiful journey. My only regret is that I didn’t fully trust her method earlier.

Dandelion Days “Fun Days” Level  Pre-1

(grade R / early grade 1)

Introducing basic 3 letter word building

Dandelion Days Pre-1 “Fun Days” can be a stand alone activity book for 5yr up or combined with the Family Feast Preschool Program – where it simply adds an extra layer for your older child if you doing this program with all your young children. If you do not purchase the whole preschool program, the manual Early Days Introduction found in above preschool program will be particularly useful in understanding all the pre-reading skills a child needs before they are ready to read.

See below samples from Dandelion Days Pre-1 program

Dandelion Days Pre-1 is a 360 page activity book (which comes in 4 books of about 90 activity pages each) that not only introduces your child to their letters and word building but also assists them in daily strengthen their visual and auditory skills needed to begin their reading journey.

Here is flip though video of the Pre-Reading /Pre-1 Reading Program

Click Image below to see a Flip Book Example

This Pre-1 level of teaching reading is simply playing with letters that you already have and begin to build words. I love beginning with the word “mom” as the children quickly remember this. You may want to move on from here to build “mop” and then “pop” and do so by simply playing around with letters and words. You can read more about this in this free booklet that goes through Charlotte Mason’s method of introducing reading.

To supplement the Pre-1 activity books we have a Build your own Alphabet book as well as 3 letter word Mastery Book, as seen in the pictures above.

I just want to say it is amazing. My little one really enjoys doing his work in the morning. His [21 month old] brother…also tries to do what his brother does…it is helping him as well.

It works so well. I really can’t thank you enough. He is going to do this full time.

Esme (homeschool mom) commenting on using the Dandelion Days Pre-1 program with her 7 year old son.

Dandelion Days “Dae-vol-Pret” Afrikaans Lees Program – Voor Vlak 1

(grade R / early grade 1)

Hierdie voor-Vlak-1 leesprogram is vir die kind wat op die kruin staan om te begin lees of vir die ouer kind wat hulle visuele en ouditiewe voorleesvaardighede wil opskerp.  Dit lê die fondasie en stel die kind bekend aan die letters, sowel as drie-letter woorde.

Hierdie is ‘n aflaaibare produk en kom in die vorm van 7 PDF boeke.

Dandelion Days Level 1 Packs 1-3

Grade 1+ and beyond

Once your child is confidently playing with letters and building 3 letter words you can move onto Dandelion Days Level 1. To understand how Dandelion Days Level 1 works read this booklet that goes through Charlotte Mason’s method of introducing reading at Dandelion Days. Or watch this short video on how Charlotte Mason conducted reading lessons.

Click Image below to see a Flip Book Example of the Reading Program

Or watch this short flip through of the Reading program

Dandelion Days Reading Program is created around poetry and an expression primer reading book.

Dandelion Days Level 1 Pack 1 consists of the books below:

  • Little Red Hen Copy work and Primer 40+ pgs
  • Poetry Activity Book – Mix a Pancake poem 20 lessons
  • Expression Primer Lessons 1-5 Activity Book 27 lessons
  • Poetry Activity Book – Baa, baa black sheep poem 27 lessons

Dandelion Days Level 1 Pack 2 consists of the books below:

  • The Gingerbread Man Copy work and Primer + 80pgs
  • Expression Primer Lessons 6-10 Activity Book 35 lessons
  • Poetry Activity Book – 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive 42 lessons
  • Expression Primer Lessons 11-15 Activity Book 27 lessons

Dandelion Days Level 1 Pack 3 consists of the books below:

  • The Boy and the Goat Copy work and Primer +70 pgs
  • Poetry Activity Book – Clouds 28 lessons
  • Expression Primer Lessons 16-20Activity Book 42 lessons
  • Poetry Activity Book – Once I saw a little bird 40 lessons

Doing 1 lesson a day 4 days a week for 36 weeks.

Level 1 Packs 1 – 3 will take 2 years to complete.

Level 1 Pack 1Level 1 Pack 2Level 1 Pack 3
Little Red Hen
Copy Work and Primer and Reader Activities
Gingerbread Man Copy Work and Primer and Reader ActivitiesBoy and Goat
Copy Work and Primer and Reader Activities
Expression Primer Activity Book
Lessons 1-5
14 sight words
Sounds -an, -un, -op, -ing, – es, -ay
Expression Primer Activity Book
Lessons 6-10
15 sight words
Sounds: es, all, oy, an, ay, ag, oo, it,-e, -y, ow (ow), ee, ir,th,-ite
Expression Primer Activity Book
Lessons 16-20
15 sight words
Sounds: -ile, ot, ake, ou, it, as, o(long), ee, silent h, ar,
et, es, eg, is
Poem Activity Book
Mix a Pancake
16 sight words
Sounds -ix, -an, -ake, op, it, -in, -oss, -atch , y, -if
Expression Primer Activity Book
Lessons 11-15
14+ sight words
Sounds: op, in, um, it, or, in, ea, wh, -o (long), ig, oo (long),an, ay, um
Poem Activity BookClouds
20+ sight words
Sounds: -ite, ee, sh, ue, ill, en, in, op, all, an, th, ow(oh), ay, wh, -o
Poem Activity BookBaa Baa Black Sheep
20+ sight words
Sounds ck, sh, ee, oo (short), es, ir, ag, or, th, er, a-e, it, oy, ow (ow),
Poem Activity BookOnce I caught a Fish alive.
+30 sight words
Sounds: ee, -ive, ix,-e, en, it, sh, th, in, ai, -o(oo), -ine, -ite, im,
et, -y, id, er, ch, ight is, on
Poem Activity BookI Saw Little Bird
20+ sight words
Sounds -an, -ut, -is, ai, ay, ew, -o, -op, ill, oo, -ing, ow, -e, aw, ir, th

View A Family Feast Reading Lesson below.

Dandelion Days Level 1 Pack 1 is available from The Family Feast Store as a pack or as individual books.

As seen in the videos above we love using our wooden letter boxes and highly recommend these resources. You can find out more about the below.

Recommended Wooden Box Resources to use with the Dandelion Days Reading Program Level 1

*Spelling box,

*digraph box,

*sand box (sand not included),

*chalkboard and

*play dough board.

In case you missed it above here is a detailed study of Charlotte Mason’s method of teaching reading. Wooden boxes we have available.

Wooden Box Resources

These high quality resources, made from laser cut wood, make reading, spelling and maths fun!

By being able to build the words with physical letters, makes it so much easier for children to be able to visualize how words are made up. Sounds, made up of more than one letter demonstrate to children who are learning to read and write how the sounds are made – making spelling that much easier.

Need to know more?