Nature Study

When we fist began using Charlotte Mason 15 yrs ago I was intrigued with her huge thrust on nature study. She really expected the children to really know their birds, plants and all about the world around them. The interesting thing however was that it was not don’t simply knowing about them but it was done through building a relationship with the world around us.

As children spend time outdoors they create connections that no book or lesson could ever dream of creating. Charotte Mason does infact advocate for children to spend 6 hours a day outside whenever possible. That is however another discussion on its own so we’ll keep that for another day.

Never be within doors when you can rightly be without.

Charlotte Mason

As children spend these hours outdoors they see creatures, feel the wind, they maybe bitten by an ant, taste the necture of a honey suckle and smell that fresh rain is about to fall. All these memories are stored and when it comes to later years to learn the sciences it’s these old memories and familiar friends they call into the lesson with them and it is from these that they learn the wonders of the world yet again.