Beginning Form Art

As a new mom I ensured I had lots of cheap, preschool paints and brushes on hand for my little people to mush around with.

As the years rolled by and I learned more about form art and dry brush painting I became more and more intrigued. Soon I began painting myself and the first thing I discovered was how frustrating it was to use a fat brush over which I had no control. Secondly how absolutely shattering it was to paint a picture with paint that wiped off and smeared into powdered dust once it dried. I realised then and there that just like Charotte Mason had always said….

Boxes of cheap colours are to be avoided. Children are worthy of the best.

Having good quality art supplies – even for our littlest people in the home – so I’d say from as soon as they stop wanting to just eat them and pull them apart and are now interested in using the crayon, pencil or paint brush for what it is – has made all the difference to our approach to gaining creative skills. Once a week we have a 10 min skills lesson where we practice how to put paint on the brush, not bend the bristles, dab off water, look carefully at the object and try to create a curved or straight line. These are often not works of art but like handwriting lessons they are building muscle memory and are not created to keep but rather build a skill.

In another lesson we may play with other mediums such as pencils or clay, we may look at colour mixing, shading or how to work and shape the clay. Once again not to create an art work but to simply experiment, explore and build skill upon skill.

These are special times that allow for your child to have the freedom to make huge mistakes and have lots of fun but yet to have good quality tools that set them up for success before they even sit down.