Art & Artist Study

Art Lessons

Charlotte Mason poetry has some free videos on Brush Drawing Resources by Richele Baburina

Free water colour and lettering lessons – these are fantastic. If you go to the free tutorial pages and scroll down to under the video you’ll see if they have a free template that you need for the lesson. You then put that in your basket and buy it for free and then paint along watch the video.

Angela Anderon has fantastic paint free along acrylic paint lessons on youtube

Easy Peasy free drawing and painting for 7 – 12 year olds

Easy Peasy Homeschool has a great free high school fine art drawing program that you can follow along for free and even submit pictures for peers to look at.

Chalk Pastel has all sorts of interesting online Chalk pastel lesson packs available for your family.

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Artist Study

Master Piece Society is your one Stop spot for all your artist study and art lessons you’ll need for your grade R thought to high school child.

Rachel at Charlotte Mason Plenary has some great artist / picture study packs you can purchase.

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