One of the biggest learning curves and adjustment I have made as a a parent is learning to live in harmony. In harmony with not only others but with my own mind, body, soul and God – who created it all. Our bodies are an organism and need to be treated the way they were designed to be treated and fed the foods they were designed to be fed. Our minds are designed to think in certain ways that balance the chemical balances in our bodies and our souls are designed to worship to bring our deepest being into alignment with it all.

As the years rolled by and our little people grew I suddenly found myself living in a life that required many endlessly hungry mouths to fill, stresses to manage and illnesses to cure.

I did however find myself and our finances totally depleted as I kept trying to buy bread and snacks to fill these endless pits of hunger. To add to this constantly fighting colds and varying illnesses. I was exhausted, the children we miserable and things weren’t fun at all. Around this time I stumbled upon whole foods an alternative living. Yes I know it’s all the buzz word today but 14 years ago it was all new! Well for me at least. I didn’t know about GMOs and pesticides and hormones in food. I didn’t realise how important watching what went into our bodies really is. As I devoured books such as The Hallelujah Diet, Eating God’s Way, and Rawlicious, amongst others, I was fascinated and yet … scoffed at eating a salad at every meal, home cooked bread and meals with out meat as well as using herbs and essential oils. Yet there was also a deep awakening of something I knew to be right and true. I found myself transported back to staring up at my gran’s many jars of dried herbs and the smell of her jam and bread – this raw, simplicity of living as we were designed to exist called deep into my soul.

I was then taken under the wing of an older mommy. She was a farmer’s wife, and so full of knowledge about food, essential oils, making bead, jam, living off the land, how health is linked to our food and shopping at the market.

It was as if blinkers had been ripped from my eyes! Suddenly there before me on my kitchen floor was a 15 kg box of bananas, 12 kg of apples, a box of plumbs and tomatoes and a box of green peppers, pockets of potatoes, onions, butternut. Suddenly all those books that spoke of making jam and tomato sauce and pickling onions seemed to leap off the shelf into my reality.

As the years slipped by we learned how to make all our own foods, take responsibility for our own health using essential oils, whole foods and herbs to not only stay healthy but to treat areas we were battling in. Learning to change and manage our thoughts, words and stress has also been essential in our journey towards living healthier, happier and fuller lives.

We’d love to invite you to join us on this adventure of discovering how important it is to feed our bodies and minds with all we need to grow our bodies, hearts, souls and minds in such a way that we are able to be all we were created to be and so live our lives to the full.

So please check back on our blog to hear all about how changing our eating has changed every area of our lives.

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