Pre-School Program: Ages 2 -5 year olds


This program uses daily and life ideas to teach these pre-reading and maths skills incidentally as well as using readers that you read to your child.


This comprehensive preschool pack consists of 5 downloadable books:

Book 1 – Pre-school Guide – explains the program

Book 2 – Early Day Introduction Manual – This is a comprehensive guide that walks parents through the preschool years providing loads of insights and ideas on how to introduce your child to letters, numbers and all their pre-reading skills they need to ensure they are fully equipped when it comes to learning to read.

Book 3 – Growing Early Skills Through Story Books. This is a full pre-school program that guides you through using story books that you can purchase or borrow from your library as your base for teaching all the pre-reading skills your child needs for once they are ready to read.

Most of these story books are available for purchase, those that are not available to buy are mostly available in local libraries or free online at Open Library, if you’d like to request the book list to ensure you are able to source the books please feel free to request the list before purchasing this product.

Book 4 – Letter introduction & Numeracy Skills using literature to introduce your child to their letters and numbers.

Book 5 – Parent Day Planning – provides a scaffolding for you to plan your days around your family’s rhythm, lifestyle and child. Whilst helping keep you focused and on track.


This is a digital product so no physical product will be sent.

Please note this product is under copyright and may only be used with your own family, living within your home.


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