Weekly Planner

Wondering where to start with planning a Charlotte Mason education? To help you get going I have attached our weekly schedule. We have used this plan for the last few years – tweaking it here and there depending on the child and season of life.

We only added Plutach now that me children are hitting their teens and we still finding it hard – so go gentle on yourself. Remeber Charlotte Mason said that lessons should be about 20 min for a grade 5 aged child. Upper high school maybe 45 minutes. For grade 7 and up the reading is a large amount so we have found that we read our history together – mostly – and other subjects they read on their own and we discuss them on the designated day. After the discussion they narrate it into their books. This maybe in the form of a written narration or a map or a diagram depending upon the subject. I do hope that this planner helps and that in time we can help pad it out for you.

Find attached our Charlotte Mason weekly planner that we use for our grade 4s and up in our home.

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